A Blog Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

August 15, 2016

I just realised my 2 year blogging anniversary just passed without me even realising! Like many other bloggers, I started blogging in January. It’s a great time to start as your head is full of ideas after the break from working life. But blogging isn’t just a fad or a toy that can be picked up and down when you fancy it – it takes a bit of effort and strategy to really make waves in the blogging world.

I know because I blogged very averagely for about 6 months before I really upped the ante and started to see success after putting into place a strategy I had observed from loads of successful bloggers already making a living doing it. Anyway, the reason I’m saying all this is because now I’m sharing what I’ve learnt, and here’s how you can get involved.

Whether you’ve been thinking about starting a blog or you’ve already got one up and running but it’s having some lacklustre results, this will be right up your street.

You may have seen I recently launched my No Bull Blog School. On Feb 3rd at 8pm I’m hosting a free webinar where I’ll be sharing the 5 strategies I put into place that helped me to win 2 awards, leave my day job and make a living from doing what I love.